CaseWare WinAcc:
the software solution for accountants and book-keepers


As an accountant, you work closely with your clients. As a permanent partner, you have a major responsibility. Drawing up annual accounts, company tax returns, reports and analyses, and so on, is part of the backbone of a company. The quality of your work, then, is vitally important in ensuring that a company operates smoothly.


CaseWare Belgium & Luxembourg provides an integrated solution, which centralizes, digitalizes, and computerizes the entire flow of accountancy practice. In the further development of CaseWare WinAcc we are working together closely with our community of accountants. Your suggestions for improvement together with your input on the developing sector are vital in helping us continue to improve our software so that it still meets your needs today and tomorrow.


Furthermore, CaseWare Belgium & Luxembourg also works meticulously in line with the guidelines of the IAB (Institute for Accountants and Tax Consultants) and the BIBF (Professional Institute of Authorised Book-keepers and Tax Specialists). This means that you can always be sure that you’re working in line with the latest national and international legislation.


CaseWare WinAcc is both a handy tool and a methodology. It gives your working procedure greater efficiency and more structure. This saves you lots of time. A harmonized working procedure means that different people within your office can continue to work on the same files. This method of reporting gives your working procedure an extra security buffer. CaseWare Belgium & Luxembourg helps you to improve your professionalism and quality even more, and your clients will certainly notice.


CaseWare Belgium & Luxembourg makes software solutions for accountants in both Belgium and Luxembourg. Caseware LUX XML eCDF is geared entirely to the law and legislation in Luxembourg. The handy eCDF tool makes it easy to export annual accounts.

CaseWare Belgium & Luxembourg software is extendable with
enriching plug-ins

CaseWare IDEA

User-friendly data analysis software for financial specialists. This makes importing, analysing, controlling, and reporting much easier.

Caseware Cloud

Interactive Cloud environment which provides a full summary on the quality and status of your assignments.

Caseware Smartsync

Ingenious technology which enables you to work on your files from any location at any time. Whether you’re at home, at the office, or visiting a client, you always have the latest information at hand.

Caseware Connector

Connect information conveniently and quickly from the CaseWare database to Excel sheets or Word documents for use (reuse) in your own reporting.